If you have a property that was build from the 1960’s all the way through to as recent as 2000, this property may very well have asbestos in it.

If you disturb or damage any ACM (asbestos containing material) you have a potential of releasing fibres that can be inhaled and these small fibres can become attached to your lungs. Heath complicating that arise from asbestos exposure doesn’t appear straight after contact, it is a more gradual progression and some can be as long as up to 40 years before you show any symptoms relating to asbestos sicknesses.

Due to the health implications of not having an asbestos test or asbestos sampling done, it is very important that we highlight the necessity of having a survey and the detrimental affect it could have on your health and the health of others who many come in contact with it.


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Million people exposed to Asbestos.

percent of homes could contain Asbestos

percent of people didn’t realise it was a domestic building material.

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