• Management Survey

      Management Survey

      If you are looking for a standard survey to comply with regulations or if you are selling or buying property, this is the survey for you.
      The surveyor goes through the areas you require to be surveyed, where he will survey every surface and where possible, he will get into lofts and under carpets to take samples.

    • Refurbishment Survey

      Refurbishment Survey

      If you are planning any refurbishment work such as plumbing or electrical renewal, restructuring the property or having rooms refurbished, this is the survey you will require.
      This is an intrusive survey. Our surveyor will make small holes in the walls or ceilings and take samples to provide you with a clear and concise report of any asbestos on the surface and in cavities where you may be carrying out works. We will also survey everything detailed in the regular management survey, to provide you with a clear and concise report of any asbestos on the surface and in cavities.

    • Demolition Survey

      Demolition Survey

      If you are undertaking demolition of any property or part thereof, then this is the survey you will require. This is a fully intrusive survey and may involve destructive inspection as necessary to gain access to all areas within the area being surveyed prior to the demolition.

    • Re-Inspection Surveys

      Re-Inspection Surveys

      This type of survey can only be done once a full asbestos management survey has been conducted and only applies if you have had positive results in your management survey report. We would usually recommend a yearly re-inspection of only the asbestos containing materials on site to ensure they have not been disturbed or they have not deteriorated in any way to a point that they may cause harm.

    • Bulk sampling with certificate only

      Bulk sampling with certificate only

      We can take any number of samples to have processed at the laboratories which will result in a certificate telling you if your sample is positive for asbestos or not. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your requirements, we aim to cater for all requirements.

All survey reports we produce for our range of surveys will tell you if there is any asbestos within the area surveyed, where it is located as well as detail the item with a photo and tell you what kind of asbestos is present.  We will also risk assess the item for you and provide you with advised actions on how to deal with asbestos containing material. 

This document will then become your asbestos register. Please be aware that all our surveys offered come will these fully details reports with the exception of bulk sampling where you will only receive a singular certificate. 

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