About Asbestos checks Demolition Surveys

If you are undertaking demolition of any property or part thereof, then you will require a Demolition Survey carried out by an Asbestos Checks expert.

This is a fully intrusive survey and may involve destructive inspection as necessary to gain access to all areas within the area being surveyed prior to the demolition.

To book a Demolition Survey please contact us for a quote today.

All survey reports we produce for our range of surveys will tell you if there is any asbestos within the area surveyed, where it is located as well as detail the item with a photo and tell you what kind of asbestos is present. We will also risk assess the item for you and provide you with advised actions on how to deal with asbestos containing material. This document will then become your asbestos register. Please be aware that all our surveys offered come will these fully details reports with the exception of bulk sampling where you will only receive a singular certificate.