Asbestos is a microscopic substance that can be found in a multitude of substances used within domestic and commercial premises throughout the UK.

From our base in Hampshire we help businesses comply with their duty to manage asbestos, which is a legal requirement in the UK. Our team here at Asbestos Checks are available to guide you along to choose the most cost effective and comprehensive asbestos survey you require where we will recommend the best course of action for your business.

At Asbestos Checks we have a non licensed asbestos removal team who are qualified to remove and dispose of non licensed hazardous substances and are happy to provide you with a quote should you require it.

How can you identify which materials contain Asbestos?

It is very hard to identify asbestos due to its microscopic content but we can identify the most common building materials used that may contain asbestos, the list below is a not a conclusive guide but it does give you an idea of the most common places you may find asbestos in.

• Corrugated cement roof sheets or cement gutter or pipes may have asbestos in them, you could also find asbestos within cement soffits.

• Insulation that may be found in lofts or wall interiors and sometimes even loose fill insulation could have asbestos it too.

• Textured coating compounds that you find on ceilings or walls may contain asbestos in them.

• Insulating boards used for internal walls and ceilings may contain asbestos as well as in soffit boards to the exterior to properties.

• Other products such as older sink pads that are a bonded product under your sink may contain asbestos

• Areas that surround boilers or electrical fuse boards may be surrounded by either asbestos cement or mill board and in some instances the cupboards surrounding these areas may have asbestos insulation board too.

• If you have an old property that has old style vinyl floor tiles, you may be surprised to know that these tiles as well as the adhesive used to bond them to the floor may too have asbestos within them.

• In some instances pipes within or outside property may have pipe lagging on them, this substance is a popular place for asbestos to be found, it is very fibrous and is often coated with a protective paint and is usually hard to identify without taking samples.

• Old style black toilet cisterns are popular for containing asbestos too


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  • "As a professional asbestos contractor we can conduct a full survey and ensure that your business is able to stop any asbestos issues without major cost or health risks."



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